Creating a Game Controller with CamSpace

Download CamSpace

The first thing you have to do is download the latest version of CamSpace to your computer. You can get it here.

Register as a CamSpace Developer

You'll have to be registered as a developer on in order to upload games. If you don't already have an account with us, simply visit the developer registration page, and you're on your way.

Please don't forget to use a valid email address. When you've completed the sign-up process, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Remember: You will need to confirm your email address before using your account! Once confirmed, you will be able to log into the CamSpace Developer site.

Identify Yourself to CamSpace

Log into the CamSpace application as a Developer.

To do so: Right-click on the main screen of CamSpace, and select Developer Tools→Developer Login Credentials.

Create a New Game Controller

After you have updated your credentials, you're ready to create a new Game Controller.

Right-click on the OSD and choose Developer Tools→Create New→Controller for external game.:

Clicking "Next" will prompt you for the name you wish to call the game. We suggest you try to give it a meaningful name.

You will be then prompted for the full path to an executable file on your computer. This is the game you wish you control with CamSpace.

Click "Next". If everything checks out, you'll be presented with the success screen:

Click "Next" again. The "Edit Emulation" screen will appear. (You can access this screen again by right-clicking the CamSpace screen and choosing Developer Tools→Edit Controller.

Now, let's set up a simple mouse emulation to control Microsoft Paint (our "game").

Click on Mouse Settings to access the Mouse emulation options. Make sure the Left Click Event box is empty, and that "Use Keyboard" is selected. Close the Mouse Settings.

At this point, you may want to add further information to your game. You can give a meaningful name to the controllers, and a description that will show when the emulation loads. Close the dialog when you're done. (Don't worry, this saves your changes.)

You can test your new game controller by clicking the "Launch Application" button on the lower-right-hand side of the CamSpace screen. This button is only available when you lock onto an object.

Upload Your Game Controller

By now, you should have a working Game Controller! When you feel your emulation is ready to show to the world, right-click the CamSpace screen and select Developer Tools→Upload Game Controller.

Click "Yes" to continue.

CamSpace will now upload the file information to the CamSpace Developers website.

By pressing "OK", your browser will redirect you to the CamSpace Developers website where you will be able to finalize the game information.

Finalize the Information

You may have to log into the CamSpace Developers website in order to view this page.

The CamSpace Developers website now provides a form to add relevant information about your Game Controller. Please fill in as much as you can as it will make your Game Controller easier to find. You can even add a thumbnail picture that will be displayed with your controller.

The CamSpace Developers site will try to auto-complete the name of the game you are controlling. If the game does not exist in the database, you will be able to add a new one. Try to use an existing game - again, this will help people find your game.

Important: If you would like this Game Controller to appear in searches and be available to download, you MUST choose the option "Make emulation publicly available (pending moderator approval)".

Await Authorization

If you have chosen for your Game Controller to be publicly available (see last step), you must wait for Administrator approval before it becomes publicly available.