1. What is "CamSpace"?

    CamSpace is a program that allows the user to control his favorite games and applications
    with any webcam. Use your body and arbitrary objects to replace the mouse, keyboard and joystick!
    Currently, CamSpace only works for Windows, but Mac and Linux versions are on the way...

  2. What can I do with "CamSpace"?

    With CamSpace, You can do amazing things! You can use a paper plate as a racing wheel, you can control FPS games by moving your fingers, you can control music applications by moving in free space ... the possibilities are endless!

  3. How can I use "CamSpace"?

    If you haven't installed CamSpace already, please download the CamSpace Installation and install it (Windows only).
    CamSpace comes with a few games already built in. In order to play them, simply look in the My CamSpace Games folder.
    If you would like to learn more, take a look at getting started with CamSpace on our CamSpace Wiki.

  4. How do I lock on to an object?

    1. Find a bright object with a strong, specific color that is NOT the color of your shirt
    or wall behind you. Hide it from the camera.
    2. Click on the "LOCK" button, or hit SHIFT+~.
    3. When the arrows appear, put the object in the middle.
    4. For further information go to our Right and Wrong page.

  5. Which games can I play with "CamSpace"?

    See the list of CamSpace Game Controllers and stand-alone CamGames! With CamSpace you can play any Windows game you want!
    If someone has already created a CamSpace Game Controller for the game you wish to play, the CamSpace Agent should detect it, and offer to use the CamSpace Game Controller when you run your game.
    You can create your own CamSpace Game Controllers or CamGames, and upload them to the CamSpace Developers site! That way, other people can download and rate your CamSpace work.

  6. I have an old webcam, will it work?

    Although CamSpace works with almost every webcam, old webcams usually
    have a lower frame rate and have difficulties with a changing light conditions.
    It is recommended to use our software with a high quality webcam.
    You can also see a partial list of user-tested webcams.

  7. How do I improve my framerate?

    Most of the time, a low framerate is caused by bad lighting conditions. Please try to make your working area as well-lit as possible.