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Emulation Default Mouse (by CamSpace )

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Uploaded on: 09/02/09
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EThaiZone wrote:
on 06:45 28/05/11
You can use keyboard for mouse clicking. "Z" for left click, "X" for middle click and "C" for right click.
666alberto wrote:
on 23:08 18/01/11
THE NICE IS that you could ALSO use mouse!! instead in normals Game camspace you can't!! and you can also use the keyboard except for the "c" that corrispond to the key at the left of the LEFT Ctrl (so strange)
doberon wrote:
on 20:48 20/07/10
is fantastic; but how I can do click and click rigth, please send me a one mail with th instructions, or publish here, I'm very interesint
joonasm wrote:
on 11:43 11/05/10
why it cost?
icoversi90 wrote:
on 14:40 01/12/09
good!!!! but i cant use left klick and right klick! plese tell me How!
Jakudzafan wrote:
on 21:27 21/03/09