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Rating: 3.5

Emulation TrackMania (by SimonThe1 )

Download Game Controller
Uploaded on: 17/09/08
Game: Trackmania
Drive "Trackmania" with anything to control the speed and to turn.


nicktemporal wrote:
on 16:04 24/04/12
Software locked, software locked, software locked...
Albider1 wrote:
on 19:32 17/01/12
hello, I bought Camspace and Joystick emulation drivers doesn't install on my pc... I have windows 7 64 bit... Plz help...
vava wrote:
on 08:36 27/07/10
so gotta pay?? diplomatic answer me by e-mail him here this please send a message with the answer
feliptronics wrote:
on 18:55 14/06/10
Trackmania is not working for me with version 8.8 of camspace,anyone knows what to do?
Shadow1221 wrote:
on 16:01 28/12/09
doues it work with the free one
mani wrote:
on 13:30 19/12/09
plz guys tell me i am becoming mad day-by-day....plz explain me how to play this...
mechi1994 wrote:
on 01:38 11/09/09
can you explain me how to use it? i just want to play this game and i can't use it because i have to create the game controler... i very stupid i don't understand anything.. i leave you my mail
genius240 wrote:
on 22:38 10/09/09
Dinofan137 wrote:
on 23:10 29/09/08
C'est visiblement efficace ! J'avais Ă©galement fait un fichier de contrĂ´les pour Trackmania.