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Score: 160503
Rating: 3.7
Controlers to drive cars.
Score: 141917
Rating: 3.37
Uploaded on 18.09.08
By galp
Connects to: Aquadelic
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Aquadelic race boat controller
Score: 120443
Rating: 3.39
Uploaded on 15.09.08
By CamSpace
Connects to: Balance
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Balance the board with one object.
Score: 83827
Rating: 3.52
Take photos of the incredibles dinosaurs of Jurassic Park !
Score: 63400
Rating: 3.4
Uploaded on 28.09.08
By Pedro
Connects to: Fish Tales
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Move the fish with one object to eat other fish.
Score: 53414
Rating: 3.73
Uploaded on 07.09.09
By jasig
Connects to: Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul
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A controller for Savage 2 - A Tortured Soul
Score: 63360
Rating: 3.56
Uploaded on 14.09.08
By daniel
Connects to: Chromadrome
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Chromadrome game controller
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