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Score: 2820657
Rating: 3.5
Uploaded on 17.09.08
By SimonThe1
Connects to: Trackmania
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Drive Trackmania with anything!
Score: 1160283
Rating: 3.62
Drive the car with a cardboard wheel!
Score: 1028685
Rating: 3.83
Score: 866084
Rating: 3.54
Uploaded on 16.09.08
By Amir
Connects to: Ludo Race
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Drive the car with any stick!
Score: 606977
Rating: 3.82
Controller for NFS Underground 2 (and similar games)
Score: 567806
Rating: 4.01
Work in all versions of NFS For PC
Score: 509376
Rating: 3.38
Uploaded on 15.09.08
By CamSpace
Connects to: Off Road Arena
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Off Road Arena with a stick
Score: 458944
Rating: 3.44
Simulate flight with just one stick
Score: 262710
Rating: 3.78
You can play Need For Speed Carbon with this Controler. It´s easy to use! ...
Score: 216016
Rating: 3.54
Uploaded on 16.09.08
By Alex
Connects to: Zuma
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Play Zuma with 2 Object!
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