CamSpace is a new fun way to play your favorite PC games using Any Game Any Webcam.
CamSpace is here - you are welcome to download and ... Let the games begin!

Play your favorite PC games using CamSpace
By installing CamSpace on your PC you can enjoy a plentitude of game controller emulations for your PC games.
Drive your racing car with a cardboard wheel or fly your aircraft with a plastic stick - using CamSpace.
The CamSpace agent will automatically find emulations for your favorite games and let you try and choose your pick of the lot.

Play the new and exciting CamGames
CamSpace comes loaded with CamGames and the list is growing on a daily basis.
CamGames are games developed on the CamSpace platform which take full advantage of the CamSpace agent capabilities.
Play soccer, popcorn, xylophone, navigate Google Earth and many other CamGames from the CamSpace website or directly from the CamSpace agent.

Contribute to CamSpace
CamSpace offers an open exchange for you to create and share your own CamGames and Game Controller emulations.
Did you find a new, fun way to use CamSpace? Lets tell the world about it...

CamSpace is brought to you by Cam-Trax Technologies
We are a startup company looking to innovate the gaming controllers market and offer new fun ways of interacting with your PC.
We have been perfecting our technology over time and have launched our first generally available CamSpace agent to the world on September 2008.
We are looking to continue to improve CamSpace and extend its offering with many more CamGames and Game Controllers so the fun never stops.

We want to know what you think
so please send us your feedback (good or bad). You can help us to improve CamSpace and your input is very important to us.
Drop us a line at and we promise to take it into consideration.

And last but not least - we want to thank you for using and enjoying CamSpace!

The CamSpace team